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Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Job Title:

Regulatory Compliance Specialist (Internship)

Job Description:

Regulatory Compliance Specialists review company policies, documents, and relationships with external agencies to ensure compliance with all regulatory and licensing requirements.

The employee will gain exposure to these functional areas:

Formal writing; Literature review; Risk management; U.S. government policy; Professional development; Presentation skills; Regulatory compliance.

Specific responsibilities:

· Use technology and accompanying software to acquire, compile, analyze, and report findings.

· Present findings to peers at internal meetings.

· Design and implement internal and external company policies.

· Work with management and staff to identify and manage regulatory risks.

What skills the employee will learn:

· Analytical thinking and creative problem-solving abilities.

· Risk management and public relations strategies.

· Presentation and writing skills for highly specialized and technical work.


· High school diploma. Undergraduate degree, Master’s degree, or Ph.D. preferred.

· Some amount of work-related experience.

· Strong reading comprehension, inductive reasoning, and attention to detail.

· Knowledge of legal systems related to subject.

· Reading and writing proficiency of the English language.

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