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Customer Discovery Representative

Job Title:

Customer Discovery Representative (Internship)

Job Description:

Customer Discovery Representatives work with company marketing resources to enact marketing strategies and programs to build brand awareness, grow customer relationships, and secure sales.

The employee will gain exposure to these functional areas:

Salesmanship; Relationship building; Professional development; Presentation skills; Corporate brand development and maintenance.

Specific responsibilities:

· Use technology and accompanying software to communicate internally and externally.

· Present strategies, milestones, and findings to peers at internal meetings.

· Work with management and staff to design and implement marketing policies.

· Serve as a representative of the company.

What skills the employee will learn:

· Professional communication skills.

· Customer relationship development and sales strategies.

· Presentation and writing skills for highly specialized and technical work.


· High school diploma. Undergraduate degree, Master’s degree, or Ph.D. preferred.

· Some amount of work-related experience.

· Strong leadership, diligence, and ability to persuade others.

· Knowledge of marketing systems related to the subject.

· Reading and writing proficiency of the English language.

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