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Our Mission

to revolutionize the diagnosis of autoimmune and infectious diseases

Our Story

The founding members of 210 Diagnostics Solutions—Reeva Kedia, Tristan Reynolds, Nicholas Beyer, and Luke Navarro—first met in a shared MBA class. The team members were randomly assigned to work together for a competition called the Innovate Children’s Health Challenge (ICHC). The competition, sponsored by the NIH, Center for Advancing Innovation, and Resonance Philanthropies of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, called for competing teams to create a business plan for a patented technology. After five months of hard work and two phases of deliverables, the 210 team won the competition! 


During the process of the competition, the founders became friends and grew increasingly inspired by the potential of their technology. The ICHC win further validated the product’s potential, and the founders decided to make their business plan a reality. Currently the founders have a final year of MBA classes, but are laying the groundwork to make 210 Diagnostics a successful full-time venture.

Our Values

diligence, innovation, transparency, and quality


Impact Statement 

Our team aims to develop more affordable, efficient, and accurate diagnostics and disease monitoring systems. We will also be transparent in our efforts, conducting our business in an ethical and socially responsible manner.  We hope, in turn, to reinstall trust and support in healthcare and scientific communities. Ultimately, we strive to implement diagnostic solutions that will better serve patients than current technology, and make healthcare work for everyone. 

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Nicholas Beyer

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Chief Innovation Officer

Nicholas earned his BS in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from The University of Alabama, and has four years of experience in the pharmaceutical research and development field under Dr. Łukasz Cieśla, including co-authorship on an article published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Nanoscale. 

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Reeva Kedia

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Chief Executive Officer

Reeva earned her BS in Public Health with Minors in Biology and the Blount Liberal Arts program from The University of Alabama. She has presented posters and a round table at four conferences and has years of public health research and healthcare administration experience. She focuses on process improvement and lean healthcare strategies.

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Luke Navarro

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Chief Operations Officer

Luke earned his BS in Mathematics and Biology from The University of Alabama, and is finishing graduate school to earn his MBA. He has wet lab experience isolating and characterizing bacteriophage under Dr. Carol Duffy. He also has extensive experience in nonprofit creation and management.

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Tristan Reynolds

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Chief Sales Officer

Tristan earned his BS in Biology on the pre-medical track from The University of Alabama, and is in his final year of graduate school in pursuit of his MBA. Tristan has extensive clinical experience ranging from cardiology, neuropsychology to sports and emergency medicine. He is also co-author of several neuropsychology research papers.

Meet The Team

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Grey Smith

Chad Wilcox

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Jon Doe

Grey is pursuing a BS in Finance and Accounting from The University of Alabama. He has experience in accounting and economics and most recently interned at Evolve Bank and Trust as a Finance Summer Intern. He will be working with the executive team to manage financial actions, and within multiple facets of the business to facilitate growth.

Chad is pursuing a BS in Operations Management, with a minor in Professional and Digital Writing, from The University of Alabama. Chad recently retired from the US Army after 22 years on Active Duty, which included 18 years in the Special Operations Community.  He brings vast leadership experience from the direct to the organizational level, focused in logistical movement and strategic level planning.  

Shelby Etkind

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Jane Doe

Shelby is pursuing a BS in Marketing, with a minor in Advertising and Digital Media, from the University of Alabama. In concurrence with her bachelor’s degree, she is also pursuing a Master’s degree in Marketing. She has experience in marketing and most recently interned at The Birmingham Jewish Federation. She will develop and execute a strategic marketing plan to establish the 210 brand. 

Cameron Doyle

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James Doe

Cameron is pursuing a BS in Chemical Engineering from The University of Alabama. In concurrence with her bachelor’s degree, she is also pursuing a MBA. Cameron has experience conducting interviews and collecting data and most recently worked at the Institute for Social Science Research as a Student Research Assistant. She will be conducting customer discovery interviews and market research to better understand the needs of the market.

Josh Cheng

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Jon Doe

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Josh earned his BSME at The University of Alabama, double majoring in both mechanical engineering and German, and is currently in his final year of his MBA with a focus in healthcare economics. He has experience in medical device design and manufacturing at both the University of Cincinnati and The University at Alabama, as well as in the healthcare products & services industry with the company Biogastrex.

Abbie Ruesy

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Jane Doe

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Abbie earned her BS in Microbiology from The University of Alabama and is currently in her final year of earning her MBA with a custom focus in statistics and data visualization. She has 3 years of lab experience conducting and presenting undergraduate research under Dr. Laura Reed and Dr. Andrei Bombin. Abbie also has 2

co-authorships of research papers from the endeavor.

Karli Weber

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Karli is pursuing a BS in Geography from The University of Alabama. Along with her Bachelor of Science, she anticipates graduation in 2024 with a Master of Business Administration. Karli has two years of experience as an intern at an environmental law firm, where she was exposed to environmental policy and legislation. As Sustainability Specialist, Karli will ensure that 210 Diagnostic Solutions remains environmentally and socially responsible. 

Taylor Hobbs

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James Doe

Taylor earned her BS in Economics, with a minor in Spanish from the University of Alabama. She is currently finishing her MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management. Taylor worked in an animal behavior lab for 3 years and served as an editor for an undergraduate research publication for 4 years. She also has 2 years of experience as an intern with Lockheed Martin. 

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