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210 Diagnostics

The New Standard
in Bedside Diagnostic

Revolutionizing autoimmune and infectious disease detection

Our Solution

We are developing a novel antibody test that has several advantages over the current industry standard. This technology has the potential to dramatically improve patient welfare and the healthcare industry as a whole. 


Most antibody tests take between a day and week to produce a diagnosis. Our test takes 3.5 minutes, or 210 seconds.

More sensitive.

Our test can detect a broader range of antibody levels than the industry standard, enabling faster and more accurate disease diagnosis.

More specific.

Many antibody tests have difficulty binding unique antibody epitopes. Our test improves the detection rate of many of these epitopes.

Less expensive.

By eliminating the need to ship patient samples to clinical laboratories, our test saves both patients and providers money.


Unlike current market standards, our test does not require clinical laboratory expertise. Nurses can conduct our test in healthcare facilities.


Our test is a novel point-of-care assay that quantifies antibody levels, bringing insight into disease progression.

The Science Behind Our Technology

In response to an autoimmune or infectious disease, the human body’s immune system creates special proteins known as antibodies. These antibodies are unique to each disease. Our technology detects and quantifies the level of specific antibodies in patients, and these antibodies function as biomarkers for disease diagnosis.

Get in Touch

We will respond to all inquiries within a 48-hour period. 

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